• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Pen It! Publications

I am so very happy to announce that I have signed a contract with Pen It! Publications for my

children's books. This is definitely something new for me. I go from being an author of mystery/thrillers to writing whimsical tales for young readers.

You ask me, how it all started! Well, that is easy. I have eight grandchildren and I spend

hours making up stories to entertain them. They would always laugh at my big red glasses. So, bingo, I came up with a story line, Grannie's Red Glasses.

The first book is already being prepared. I cannot wait to see the illustrations. I have written children's books before, but for a very young level, and they were mainly learning tools for schools etc. I wrote them on a contract basis and although my name is on the back covers as the author, I relinquished all rights to the publisher.

Therefore there was this desire to have a traditional publishing house look at my latest work and offer me a contract. I am really excited to work with this professional group of illustrators, editors and Pen It! Publications. They have been so wonderful.

Oh, and did I not mention, that Grannie's Red Glasses will be a series. Many more to come!

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