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Having A Talent Is One Thing/Using It Is A Gift

Everyone in some way, shape, or form has a hidden talent. It sometimes does not surface immediately but it will eventually. Mine was writing. As a young girl I would go into my room and write (in those days longhand) about everything that happened to me that day. It was a form of release. I felt if I put my thoughts on paper, it somehow validated them. Many a time I would write poetry and sing songs that I composed. There was no doubt about it, my passion for the written word, started at a very young age. I kept this mainly to myself for I did not want others to laugh at me. My girlfriends were the usual gossipy gals and more interested in who and what was going on. I was a loner and really enjoyed my own company. I thought (which is not nice) that I had a superior attitude and I was bored by children my age.

Today I am much the same. I have a few good friends, and of course my children and grandchildren keep me busy. I have no time for gossip or small talk. It is just the way I am. I cringe when I am asked personal questions. If I want you to know, I'll tell you. In order to write novels and short stories, you have to like your own solitude. In that solitude your imagination develops and stories unfold. We writers are a funny bunch, but share many of the same characteristics.

You may see me socializing in gatherings, but I'm there for another reason. I tend to study people. When I am with them, I am thinking about how I could use this personality within my many pages. Character development is learned from observation. So if you recognize yourself in one of my books and you know me, it is probably you.

Please when you see a child developing some kind of talent, encourage it. I fully put my talent to use only when I was in my late 50's. I was the fortunate one who could make a good living off of it. That's another story.

We are all special in our own way. That little girl at the park, sitting under a tree, not mixing with the other children her age, please don't label. A plan is already in place for her. We tend to only see the present moment of time, when there is a bigger picture waiting to be developed.


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