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Writing Again

It has been a long couple of months. I have had to have surgery (nothing serious), but my emotions left me no room for creating.

Today, I am feeling like my old self again and the creative juices are flowing. "Lacuna" my fifth novel and third in "The Adam Garwood Series" is in full productive mode. I opened up the file and there it was, my beautiful manuscript. It looked like a neglected baby, wanting to be fed. So, this afternoon, I started to write again and feed this yearning inside of me.

The story is unfolding and the characters have been changed up a bit. Names have been altered but the storyline is pretty much the same only with a lot more clarity.

Sometime, when you put your work down and go back and look at it after a couple of weeks... it all looks so different. Your head is full of new and exciting ideas. My life has altered and changed in these last couple of months but my writing has only improved. I appreciate this talent and will never take it for granted.

Talk to you soon,


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