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Happy Summer. Sorry that I have not been blogging lately but due to some personal issues, I have been away...but I am back now, and in full swing.

As an author, we spend so much time creating and not enough time promoting ourselves. We assume that our publishing house will do this for us, but not always the case. Yes, they will set up buying channels for your work and even reach out to marketing avenues to help promote you. But to leave this totally up to your publisher is unthinkable.

The publisher starts the process for you. Kind of like sending out party invitations but now you have to attend the party. Participate in getting noticed. Participation is the key word.

Enter as many contests as possible. Hey, you just might win and wow, that increases notability and inevitability leads to sales. Like I said not leave this up to your publishing house. They will do the basics, but you, as an author, invested in your work, must look for and check out awards being handed out in your genre of work. Of course, if you are a crime writer, like myself, you would not enter a children's book award contest. Use your head here...and that is where research comes to play.

You may not always win the award, but perhaps you might get an honorable mention. This in itself is deserving of recognition.

Book signings are another way to get your work noticed. But in my experiences with this, if you are aiming for sales, this is not the forum to go for. There is a lot of work setting up a book signing and sometimes this can be disappointing. If you are already known and respected by the public, they will come out to see you, just because you are famous. But for the new and upcoming author, I would personally recommend, online reviews and awards. Just my opinion.

I know that I might be repeating my self but get out there...GET NOTICED.

Have a great day,



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