• Colleen Baxter Sullivan


Authors spend hours of their time: days, weeks, months and sometimes years researching and writing their work ... whether that be in the form of poetry, short stories or novels. It definitely is a tedious affair.

We are our own worse critics ... always doubting ourselves as to the public's reception of our masterpiece so to say. To us it is a work of art, but perhaps others hate it or prefer something else.

I have learned not to take this personally. Everyone has their own preference and they should. We don't have the same taste in food, clothes or even friends. So, it would only be natural not to like the same type of literature.

And that is where reviews come in. We as authors like to hear from you whether good or bad. It lets us know how our work is viewed. Sometimes it can be hurtful, but in time we learn to grow a thick skin.

Please review our work, for that is the biggest help, whether it be in sales, promotions or just for self improvement.

Have a great day


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