• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Open Up Your Eyes to Different Genres

Over the last several months I have been helping my publisher with proofreading. I must say it is the perfect job. I have read over 20 manuscripts in all genres. And what a treat it has been.

I am not a big reader but when I do read, I have my favorite authors. Proofing, I have no choice. I have been taken through the streets of Denver, fighting crime scenes. I've been sitting on the edge of my chair with anticipation, while Wizards are dueling for their place in the universe. I've read biographies from the Veterans about the war in Vietnam...sad and useless war. I learned marketing skills and searched for dead bodies, all in the name of literature.

Now, if I had not been forced (wrong word), went in willingly, to this job, I would not have had my eyes open to these wonderful stories, all so well written, and all so different. It has made me appreciate all genres of work. From now on, I will not just roam one particular aisle of my choice in the bookstore...I will joyfully hop from aisle to aisle. Who am I kidding, how can I hop with my Starbucks in hand. That is usually the first thing I do at Chapters (our bookstore). I head for the Starbuck counter and get a Skinny Mocha, and away I go.

I have had a break now because all the 2017 books are done and ready for print. But within the month I will be waiting eagerly for the 2018 new manuscripts to arrive.

Happy reading,


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