• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Be The Change

We all live on the planet earth, so why is it so hard to get along? Watching the news has affected me greatly. Every channel seems to promote hatred. Well, maybe not promote but definitely spread the news of war, racism, disarming people of the right to practice their religious beliefs freely and arming others with weapons of mass destruction. As children of God, what are we thinking?

The world leaders are not directing us, but rather, pompously, are competing for their ranks of glory. With the knowledge that we have acquired over the years, the evolution of the human race has gone backward and not evolved with the tools that God has given us. We are being tested by a greater power and are failing terribly.

I ask myself: What can we do? The scope of the problem is too immense for one person to solve. But a combination of one/plus can perhaps make a difference. Remember it only takes one to cause a catastrophic like in London this week. That one armed man, left his mark on many unsuspecting families. One affected so many, in multiples of that one act.

So, I do ask myself, what can we really do? It all starts in the family. Family unity and love are the grounds for complacence. Children are sponges, which will absorb as much as we give them. It they are raised with hate, they learn hate. When we look at these children's faces in places like Syria, how can they feel that arm of security when all hell is around them? Their very being is marked with uncertainty and fear. Who knows what this next generation will put forth from all of this. You learn from what you see.

Here in America, the forces within us are driven by greed and egotism. Families are competing within their own unit. Who has the biggest house, or who makes the most money? I see this every day. That old drop in and see how your neighbor might be doing is replaced by a selfish need for gratification of competition with others. How can we expect the world to mend when we have so much healing to be done right here at home. What a shame?

The answers are simple, if not a start. Teach: teach your children love for their fellow men. Make them grounded individuals and with this small beginning, starting at home, perhaps eventually, not now, but eventually, will make the change that is needed.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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