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March 22nd, 2017


Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the British people. Another gutless act of terrorism has touched not only them but all of us. It makes you wary about travelling abroad. I used to go and visit England at least once a year. I eventually lived there for some time. I would love to go back for a visit, but must admit travelling, with these newly aired threats are out of the question. And what a shame. God bless all who were affected by today's tragedy.

I have cleared up my face book wall because it was becoming too much of a distraction regarding my work. I don't have time for this mundane post syndrome. It works for some, but not for me. Unfortunately, we must have a personal page on face book in order to have a business page. But I would prefer not to, but that is the name of the game. One day I hope that face book perfects this situation. The people that I am close to, do not have to go on face book to find out what I am doing. And in all marketing studies, it has been noted that you will not increase your sales from having a face book page.

So, I will try to blog more and keep my readers posted about current activities, book releases etc. Or, just to have a wee chat, without being followed by numerous likes and thumbs ups. Without sounding disrespectful to the face book groupies, we all have our own thing, it is just not for me. More than likely, I would have loved face book when I was a young mother and in the social game. Right now, I am enjoying my solitude and retirement. Once you hit 60, face book should be geared to the youth. That is what it was originally all about.

I am getting more excited as April 15th approaches with the release of 'Lil's Way.' Waldorf Publishing has done a wonderful job of marketing and spiffing up this book in general. Four books will be released this year. I dare say it has been a busy couple of months.

I will post some contests and giveaways when available.

Have a great day,


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