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Snap Out Of It!

My head is bursting with ideas for Lacuna, my 5th novel. I stop, I start ... only to question and analyze each written word. "What?" I say to myself. This is not the way I usually write. But, I must admit this time it is not flowing. Could it be writer's block?

This is the first time that I go back into my manuscript and change characters, names and places. I usually write from a perspective of familiarity; I write what I know. There is definitely research put into an author's work, but mostly with me, it comes from a place or people that have touched me in a certain way. I will doctor them up and camouflage their identity, but yes, my protagonists are hidden within my persona or perhaps theirs, and my experiences with them.

The only thing I can put my finger on about this dilemma is that like my characters, this last couple of months have been an emotional roller coaster ride for me ... I have a story that has developed from this journey. So, do I incorporate it into Lacuna? Or, do I make a completely new novel?

What I do know is that my second train of thoughts is overpowering my original. That is my original working with Lacuna. I really think as I write this, that the answer is very clear. Work on two novels simultaneously!

Yes, I can do this! Snap out of it girl!

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