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Lacuna-5th novel-3rd in the Adam Garwood Detective Series (A work in progress) - Meet Josephine my n

I tried to think back on my first encounter with Josephine or Joey as she preferred to be called. There was no formal introduction… she just burst into my office with that same determination that I would soon accept as part of who she was. I couldn’t figure out if she was beautiful or her overbearing presence consumed any space that she was part of. One could not help but notice her.

What you first observed, was her hair. Strands of purple outlined a face full of freckles. I couldn’t determine if her hair was up or down. It was all over the place, and there was so much of it. Following a direct path from her face downward, was a large serpent that was tattooed just below her ear making its way to the tip of her ample bosom.

Her attire was as if she belonged to a Gypsi group, but her coloring could not be more removed than that of the Romani people. Long tapered layers of multi-colored cloth, reminding me of men’s ties, gathered at her waist emphasizing the smallness of her frame. But the one thing that stood out were her eyes, they were the palest blue, almost scary, with no visible pupil. I am sure it was there, but instead of being black, Joey’s was a pale grey, which blended with the pale blue making it look like one big marble of the same color.


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