• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Excerpt from Jaded (sequel to Lil's Way) Release date June 15, 2017

The room was dark by choice. The shades of dusk hastily turned grey into black. The night evolved in unison with her emotions. The darker it became, the closer her sadness neared despair.

Jade had always felt that happiness was just a combination of untruths contrived by companies such as Hallmark to increase their revenues at the expense of the lonely heart. Over the last month, she had received thousands of meaningless cards from people she had encountered only once or twice in her life. What did they know of her feelings? Did they really think these dime store phrases could ever replace what had been taken from her? Sending nothing would have been better than trivializing the seriousness of the situation.

She reached into the night as if opening the door to her wardrobe, simply to be outfitted by the security of its blackness. She felt safe sitting in the big armchair that once embraced her mother. If she did not move, she could almost feel her mother’s touch. There were many nights that she would curl up in that very same chair, nestled against the warmth of this wonderful woman. They would share stories and let their imaginations take them far away, to places never to be disclosed to anyone but themselves. Tears began to stream down Jade’s face as the memories surfaced.

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