• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

Excerpt from Lil's Way - release date April 15th, 2017

She was in the corner, sitting lotus position, verbalizing with her surroundings. The conversation was very intense. She was swinging her arms as if trying to explain through movement her disapproval of the present situation. She was definitely somewhere with someone, far off within the deep complexities of her mind.

Her strawberry blond hair was marked with streaks of white. It touched her shoulders in tangled disarray. Sagging skin, spotted with age, hung from her small frame, giving you the impression of a rapid weight loss. She appeared extremely frail. She was a pitiful sight, and yet you could see that she had been a great beauty in her younger years. Her diminutive presence made her extremely vulnerable… a child within a woman’s body.

I slowly walked toward Lil. She stared blankly at me and then approached in an inquisitive manner. She reached out and touched my face, like a blind person trying to familiarize and recognize each curvature forming its outline. Having done this, she jumped up and down as a child would while greeting her parents upon arrival after a long day’s absence.


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