• Colleen Baxter Sullivan


We are 8 days into this new year, and I was wondering how many of us have already broken those resolutions. And that my dear friends is why I never make any. I always thought it silly to build on one day of the year to make life altering changes. What does January 1st have to do with it anyway? Is there some supernatural force or Karma attached to this day? Change is in the moment of thought...your thought. If you feel it...change it! And what if I felt it on December 30? Does that mean I have to wait two days to enforce it? Why would anyone let a day on the calendar rule their life? You have heard the old saying, "Change is constant." Not only on January 1st, but we should be able to change as we grow, and we grow each and every day.

I have been reading a book by one of my author friends. It is called "The Mastery of You," and what a wonderful read it is. Renu S. Persaud, has touched me with her writing like none other. Everyone should read her brilliant novel. Once we get in touch with our self, we can better touch others that come in or are already in our personal space. It is ready for pre order on Amazon and it is definitely a must read.

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