• Colleen Baxter Sullivan

How it all started

People keep asking me about my writing, and how I got started. To be honest with you, I really don’t have an exact date. From the time I was a little girl, I would write down everything … all my thoughts and dreams. I guess you could say I was great at journaling from the get-go. I loved the smell of paper and ink. Yes, we used inkwells at first. Now I am sure that I have really aged myself, but I started writing that far back. I remember our school desks had the old ink holes in them. Do any of you remember that?

My journaling led to poetry and short stories. Or course, all this was for my eyes only. I would be in a gathering, whether at church or school, and my head would race with scenarios about the people there, and how I would change them and characterize them in my stories. I stared a lot. I was that crazy kid in the room who did not speak much, but rather sat quietly with a blank expression on my face. Yup, the weird kid in the group!!

I never took my writing seriously until my late 50s. My father passed away and I cared for Mom. She moved in with me for almost a year and I never mourned for the loss of Dad because I was busy with my mother’s needs. When she decided to go home, I felt empty; and then the mourning started. And for me, this came in the form of writing.

I sat before my computer and started once again to journal. This time it was ranting and raving about the injustice of life, which led to how I hated the world and wanted to be rid of certain people. I wrote for days and the journal became a book. What started out to be a rage on life, became a best seller with my publisher. “Lil’s Way” was born. What started out to be about me was a partial truth once the fiction was added.

Next I will tell you how I finally got this work published.

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