I am happy that you have dropped by for a visit. I hope your stay is a pleasant one and that you find the pages here easy to navigate. 
'Lil's Way' is my first novel. It was published by Chipmunkapublishing House, December 2009. "Jaded" is the sequel to "Lil's Way" and has just been published October, 2011.
I am presently working on my third novel "Devon's Heart." 
My novels deal with mental health issues and my publishing house(Chipmunkapublishing) provides a great forum for dealing and helping those suffering with these disorders. Chipmunkapublishing is the Mental Health Publisher.They raise awareness of mental health and the stigma surrounding it, encouraging society to listen. They are documenting mental health literature as a genre so history does not forget the survivors and carers of people with mental illness and disabilities. 
My main character 'Lil' both in 'Lil's Way' and its sequel 'Jaded' suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Please follow me on my journey and hopefully we will get to know one another much better.  
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Photo cover both on 'Lil's Way' and 'Jaded'
By: Peter Vassilakos