Colleen Baxter Sullivan - Author
    Colleen was born and raised in and around Montreal. Her love for this city has been the inspiration for  her first published novels, 'Lil’s Way' and 'Jaded.' Her latest novel 'Yolk' will be out October 2014. This is the first novel in the Adam Garwood detective series. 
   She is best known for her strong characters and her vivid imagination. Her love for mystery and suspense has made for a very descriptive read. She will continue to focus her many characters and writing within Montreal, the city she loves. 
   She has done public speaking and will always be known as a people person.
   Her passion is writing, but her true love is her family. She is a wife, and the mother of five grown children and four grandchildren.
   She started writing as soon as she could read, but never fully fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author, until later in her senior years. Her motto in life is, “You are never too old to live and achieve your dreams. Age has no barriers.”
    Colleen hopes to continue writing until there are no words left in her. 

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