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Well hello, and welcome to my website. I have so much to tell you. 

My first two published novels 'Lil's Way' and 'Jaded' have been my pride and joy. 'Lil's Way' was published in 2009 and 'Jaded' 2011. The feelings of euphoria that come with having someone validate and publish your work is beyond words. And then to have readers review and mention this work to others really says it all. My followers have greatly humbled me. I cannot thank you enough.

Now there is more to come. I have a surprise for you. If you have read the above mentioned books, you will begin to realize just how much I love writing about mystery and suspense. I wanted a character to work with me and be my partner in crime, so, I invented one ... Adam Garwood. He will take us on his journey, exploring the many streets of Montreal, solving crimes of passion and murder. 

My first book in 'The Adam Garwood Detective Series' is called 'Yolk.' It has just been released by Triplicity Publishing House, October 2014. 

I will definitely keep you updated, that is, between writing my next novel ... book two of the series. This book is called 'Gritty.' 

How I love to write! It is my passion. I promise you to keep writing until there are no words left in me. 

Don't forget to check up on me every now and again, and many thanks for dropping by,